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splashguard question

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  • splashguard question

    I have two NOS pairs of identical splashguards one black pair and one white pair. The white pair was labeled AC-3306 and came with the original installation sheet for the AC-3306/3307 parts and a packet of hardware labeled AC-3306. The black pair was labeled AC-2028 and came with no instructions, but a packet of hardware labeled AC-2028. The guards are all stamped 291736.

    I'm looking to put the the black pair on a 53 HT, but they appear identical to the white pair. I've heard that the white pair is for Avantis. Does anyone know if I can tell if the black pair is AC-2028 vs. AC-3307? Does the number 291736 show up in anyone's books?

    G. Howes

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    AC-3306 (white), and AC-3307 (black) is listed for Avanti only, front or rear.
    AC-2028, Front Fender Splashguard Kit - Black, is correct for all passenger cars except Avanti from 1950 on.
    AC-3137 is a white splash guard for the same application, except the white ones weren't introduced until about 1962. See:
    I am guessing the numbers you found are a 'casting' number that don't relate to any Studebaker part numbers.

    Dwain G.