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AMSOIL bypass oil filter

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  • AMSOIL bypass oil filter

    My particular Champion engine does not even have a partial flow filter (probably was removed by a prev. owner). I've read some postings saying to simply change the oil every 2000 mi., and that's an approach I could take.

    However, I did see that AMSOIL sells a bypass filter, which can be used in conjunction with a full flow filter, or set up by itself, and mounted just about anywhere under the hood. I assume I would switch to one of AMSOIL's synthetic oils if I installed one of these. Also, if I do this, it will be on a spare Champion engine that I'm going to obtain and have completely torn down and rebuilt.

    Two questions here:

    1) What do you think/know about doing this AMSOIL bypass filter in lieu of a partial flow Studebaker filter setup?

    2) Which is the correct weight of AMSOIL synthetic for this application?

    1955 1/2 Ton Pickup

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    I do not know about the AMSOIL bypass itself. I use both Fram and Filko toilet paper filters and change the paper every 1,000 mi. adding 1 quart each time and changing Mobil 1 every 10,000. I would only use Valvoline 30 racing oil for the first 5,000 then go to the Mobil 1.


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      I suggest 15W40 AMSOIL for all Stude engines, and the bypass filter is excellent but pricy. go here:
      and click on AMSOIL link.