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How do you keep the creepy crawlies out?

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  • How do you keep the creepy crawlies out?

    Winter is just around the corner for us and we have had a very hard time keeping bugs, spiders, mice & squirrels, etc., out of the cars when we store them over the winter. The main reason is our storage is little more than an open shed but we just are not able to build a decent building for a while. We have resorted to a laundry list of stuff we put in the cars including bags of desiccant, mothballs, mildew repellent, and Irish Spring Soap. Then we cover it with a car cover and hope for the best.

    We added the soap after seeing it suggested on one of the DIY car restoration shows. I have no idea why but since we added the soap we have far less 'signs' they are in there even though the soap shows a lot of chew mark. Whatever the reason I think it helps but we are still in a loosing battle.

    I am looking for a better solution - what do you do to creature proof a beloved vehicle that will sit for 5 months in an unheated shed?

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    Got Cat?

    Hawks,Larks,and other critters!


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      I'm in the same boat, er shed.

      And I have a cat, too. Unfortunately, the mice can get into tiny places where the cat can't go.

      Somebody makes, or made, giant fabric/plastic baggies that hold an entire car. You basically drive the car into it and zip it up. Anybody here know about 'em?

      I used poison bait pellets for the mice last winter in cars that the cat could NOT enter, and it really helped a lot. You go through quite a bit as cold weather is setting in, but in the dead of winter the mouse action wanes away.

      Gord Richmond, within Weasel range of the Alberta Badlands
      Gord Richmond, within Weasel range of the Alberta Badlands


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        I've got a motorhome that sees a lot of storage time and this is an old RVer trick. Get some Cling Free or other scented dryer sheets and throw them in the trunk, under the seats, under the hood etc. Mice hate the smell of those things. If you've got a hole where something might come in, stuff them in there too.

        On the plus side, the car will smell great come spring[]

        I doubt the baggie thing would work. Mice can chew through plastic in a New York minute.

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            I, too, have used the dryer sheets with success. I have also heard that oil of peppermint causes them to do an Elvis and "leave the building" (or at least the car).

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              I don't have the storage problem, but have read and heard about a number of different solutions. I've had people recommend the dryer sheets and the regular Irish Spring soap. A new one I heard recently was cakes of camphor, with the front windows lowered 1/16". I understand the smell isn't too bad, and dissapates quickly once the car is used, plus the camphor helps keep mold away. The car bags have come strongly recommended provided you have a dessicant inside the car to suck up any excess moisture, and you setup the bag inside some kind of structure to protect from wind and weather. Finally, if the problem is just mice, the mice poisons will work, without leaving rotting mice in your car. Typically the poisons dehydrate the mice until they die. They likely would not stay in the car, but leave to search for water and die outside. You just have to hope they die before they destroy anything.

              G. Howes


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                I just use mouse poisen,but lots of it.I leave open boxes on the floor,in the trunk,and all around the car,and have never had a problem,or found any dead mice or sqirrls.
                One year I forgot when I put away my 47 Champion bussines coupe,and sure enough the little bastards chewed a hole through my headliner.
                I never forgot again(G)