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Engine identification question

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  • Engine identification question

    I have a 1952(?) 1 1/2 ton stake truck with a dump bed. Serial #R16A 42983 and model number 2R16A-55. Cab C2 and cab # 39782. The problem seems to be that this truck has a v8 engine #527644 located on left side block by oil filler tube looking from front bumper. All the info indicates that v8's were not put in r16a until 1954. Rear end is actuated vacuum 2 speed and hydraulic brakes. Hood emblems indicate "v8" logo with "studebaker" on both sides and "studebaker" logo on very front of hood. I would imagine that engine could be transplant but hood emblems look original. Any ideas where to go from here to id engine? Short of taking apart? Runs fine and everything works. Help! Thanks for your time. Steve.


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    The serial number (VIN) is about right for a 1952 or '53 truck. The A suffix was added in 1949 when the original 226 six cyl. engine was increased to 245 cid. Sounds like your truck has a later hood installed. Engine blocks with that casting number were used from 1951 through 1954. Look for a stamped engine number on a smooth area on the other side of the oil fill tube (1953-'54), or at the rear of the block next to the distributor (1951-'52).

    Dwain G.


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      You are correct in that the V8 didn't find it's way into Stude trucks until 1954 - officially. I have heard that some late 2Rs were modified for export with V8 engines. Maybe - JUST maybe....[:0]
      It would take a production order from the Stude museum to confirm how the truck was equipped when built.
      Of course - it would have been easy to retrofit a V8 to this truck later on.

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        Thanks for the feedback. Sorry it so long to reply - out of town. Will continue to look for other id markings on engine. Steve.