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  • Frame Comparison Dimension's

    Does anyone know where I can find a frame dimension diagram for a Lark and Lark convertible, without buying a shop manual/parts book. I'm working on an Avanti with a bad frame and I am trying to match-up a Lark frame which seems to be several inches longer. I have several Avanti measurements but need the Lark diagram. The frame I'm now using, I was told is from a Lark.

    You can see several of the similarities but, not all matches up. Thanks for your help and expertise. e-mail

    I've just gotten the King Pins put together, and will have the bushings for the upper and lower control arms pressed in tommorrow. I would like to finish the frame situation by mid-sept. [8)]

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    Motor's Handbooks have frame dimensions. What year do you want a scan of? Sounds like you have a 113" or longer frame, and you need the 108 1/2" version. All the frames used in those years were similar in appearance, yet vastly different in certain specifications.

    Dwain G.
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      An Avanti uses a Lark convertible frame with the rear part of it cut off and a tube crossmember added at the rear. If the Lark frame that you have is the same wheelbase as the Avanti, you probably just need to cut the excess off. The Avanti rear tube cross member is available as a new replacement in mild steel and stainless steel. If the Lark frame does not have the X-member, that will have to be added also. If you have a frame from a Lark with a different wheelbase than an Avanti - give up <G>.
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