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1962 6cyl 3 speed anyone need it?..runs

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  • 1962 6cyl 3 speed anyone need it?..runs

    Hello all, I am going to remove the 6cyl engine and trans from my Laek, has just over 51,000 miles. Runs pretty good. I'm going for an 8 cyl swap and won't need the 6 or trans. It's for sale..still in the car and can hear run..You can e-mail me if you would be interested..Thanks

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    Would help to know where the engine/car is located??
    Do you run a brewery??<G>


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      I wish I ran a brewery!! But then I would drink all of the profits and ruin it!! The engine and car for that matter are in the suburbs of it's birth place in South Bend..


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        Transstar, to answer your Hoosierbeer question..I collect old..antique, I mean beer collectibles..cans, signs etc. I specialize in mostly south Bend In. pices, like our old town brewery which put out Hoosier beer.. they closed in 1951. If you find, or have any old beer stuff please let me know..the older the better!! Thanks!!