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    Hello again mr Biggs!I'm rather new to the Studebaker thing,but had the opportunity to visit Joliet Studebaker Service in 2002.I think a little explanation is in order for some of the newer 'StudeNuts'.. We've all joked about this Studebaker sickness,or disease,or watchamacallit-Mr Kapteyn is the original specimen of a human with this anomoly!!!
    I would suggest to anyone even slightly interested in Studebakers that his place is a must see. His original plan was to own 1 of every model ever built by Studebaker,he finally realized that that was impossible.He had a job that required[or allowed]him to travel all over the USA.Every place he went,he asked people'where were the Studebakers? TRULY AMAZING!!!
    In all,he bought out parts stock of about 28 defunct Studebaker dealers.[his count]He has bought countless cars also-
    This collection is housed in a 38,000 square foot factory building in Joliet,Illinois.[yes,thats 38 THOUSAND square feet!] 3 floors of nothing but Stude cars,and NOS parts!!!And,if you're there at the right time,on the right day,he will take you on a tour of the whole place!!!

    Hawks,Larks,and other critters!


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      Alan, thanks a allot for the info!!