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    Well, I see that "radio delete" could have started years earlier than I thought, after reading some of your replies. I still remember them being extra cost options on a lot of low priced cars, however.

    My grandfather had a '55 Plymouth Savoy, my other grandfather had a '62 Rambler Classic, and my Dad had a '55 Chevy 210. None of these cars had radios. I don't know. Maybe my family was just cheap. Or hated music! [?]


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      Ah! For the days you could actualy listen to music on AM radio.[V] I think that's why so many Stude AM radios are inoperative. They're ashamed to put out what's on the AM airwaves nowdays![xx(]

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        AMEN to the overall and original theme, here: Radio Delete! A personal irritation of mine as well! That might describe the production-line PART installed in the radio-provision hole, but no Studebakers I know of ever came standard equipment with a radio, so the term "radio delete" is nonsense in Studebaker-land.

        ( Easy on the AM radio content, Mr. Biggs, this forum is moderated for political diversions...!!)

        The one option that may be properly referred to as "delete" would be undercoating. At least toward the end, cars would be shipped with undercoating as a mandatory "option" unless it was specifically deleted in writing on the order.

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          Bob P. - It's been a long time since I owned a 1955 Speedster and I don't have any way to look it up here, but didn't they come with a radio standard (along with a bunch of other things that would normally be considered options)?
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            According to the order guide for the `63 Avanti, besides the radio, front seat belts were also a mandatory option, unless ordered without them.


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              When I bought my (restorable condition, at the time) '54 Champion, it had a radio, but no antenna or antenna hole anywhere on the car. [:0] A new term: Antenna Delete!

              Seriously, the reason there was no antenna is that you can't mount an antenna on a front fender that is 98% body putty. [xx(]


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                I wonder if the '50s cars being advertised as "radio delete" are simply being marketed that way to indicate that they do in fact have the factory "radio delete" cover that goes over the hole in the dash. Some people actually want those things.

                If I were buying a car without factory radio, I wouldn't want a great big hole in the dash.

                So I would say that a "radio delete plate" IS a feature, and might well be a hallmark of an unmolested car.

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                Gord Richmond, within Weasel range of the Alberta Badlands