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Door check

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  • Door check

    The door check hinge on my Hawk (driver side) is loose and binds
    a little when I close the door (the hinge part in the
    door post). The same hinge on the passenger side is fixed in place and does not bind. Are these hinges supposed to be fixed in place, or floating? Any help apprec. tks,

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    If you mean the 2 ears on the door post (car body A pillar) that the pin goes through along with the strap? Then, yes its supposed to be spot welded to the door post. I think there is a slot cut in the door post and the "bracket" was spot welded from the inside before the door post was built up. If that busted loose, I am not sure if you can get at it from the access holes behind the kick panels to tack it back on. Depending on appearances, maybe you can drill from the outside and put some screws in. I suspect its flanged inside the post. Not sure this is making any sense w/o a picture tho....

    Jeff in ND

    '53 Champion Hardtop

    Jeff in ND


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      Yes, the 2 "ears" is what I am referring to. Guess it should be called a "link" not a hinge.
      I also thought it should be fixed to the door post; Now I will have to figure out a way to reattach it.
      Maybe I can use my mig welder to tack it from the outside.... hmm,
      we'll see. thanks,

      Joe D.