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Dakota box on a Stude frame????

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  • Dakota box on a Stude frame????

    I cannot recall where I picked up on this train of thought on this forun or another but I read somewhere that a late model Dodge Dakota box will work (with how much modification, I do not know)on a post war stude truck frame.

    Well I have a frame for a custom champ I'm building, I'll finish the cab sometime this fall and it will need a box sooooo...

    What year of dodge box would work?


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    I drive a 93 shortbox Dakota.I will take any measurements you need if you want.... It does seem to me that the size is very close to the Champ/Dodge box. Personally,I think one of the Ford ranger 'stepside boxes would be cool.[or s-10]I like the old bubble fenders.
    Also,with the narrow box,you wouldn't have that 'box too wide look'.- The only measurement that would really matter,as far as I can see,is the back of cab to front of rear tire.

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      This swap is a relatively simple one to make. Dimensionally, the opening on the Dakota box (long-bed)for the tires is nearly perfect for the position of the rear axle on a Champ truck. My father's '61 Champ has this box on it, and I believe he was the one to first accomplish this swap. It is quite a nice swap for the "doesn't quite look right" wide box Studebaker put on these trucks originally, and the body lines on the Dakota box match nearly perfectly to the body lines on the Champ cab.

      If you'll drop me a note at my email address, I'll give you his telephone number, and you can call him for the details on how to do this. He'll also give you a tip on a very nice bumper for the front of your truck that follows the lines on the front grille panel on the Champ truck, is chrome, and widely available.


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        I have seen a '56 ford PU cab on a 4x4 chassis with a 90s ranger "splash" box on it. Not sure if maybe the whole 4x4 chassis was ranger or not. It looked pretty clean tho.


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