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flex tube

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  • flex tube

    I have just purchased a 62 Hawk GT, the flex tube that goes to the under seat heater is in pieces. Where are these available from? Is there an easy substitute available? Hello Mr. Steinkamp, talked to you a couple of weeks ago about Hawks. Lou [8D] enjoying todays sunshine

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    I think SASCO or SI would have this stuff. If you didn't care about originality, you could get some 4" flexible dryer (clothes dryer) vent pipe and make it work.

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      Congrats, Lou! [8D]

      As Bob says, check out SASCO or SI for that hose. It's on page 114 of SI's catalog...

      While you're at it, pick up the shop manual, as well as the chassis and body parts catalogs. You'll need them.

      Here's links to a lot of the Studebaker vendors...

      Most important of all, Join the Studebaker Driver's Club...

      ...and the North Puget Sound Chapter...

      You'll be glad you did!

      Hope to see you and that new Hawk at a few shows this year. Bring it on up to Bellingham on the 25th of this month for Leprechaun Daze. A great show in Downtown Bellingham. They close off Railroad Avenue for the show.

      Dick Steinkamp
      Bellingham, WA


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        I order it from by local auto parts store, they car get it in any size. (Mine is made by Dayco)

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          I bought mine from J.C. Whitney

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