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    I have a solid brass V that was attached to the glovebox door on my 53 Coupe. It is not listed in the 53 Body catalog and I question it's originality. It is 11" wide and about 4" high. Appears to be part #1463460. Any thoughts are appreciated.

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    There were NO adornments on the 53 Glove boxes save for the chrome moulding that was part of the chrome band from one end of the dash to the other. Sounds like someone's custom touch to me.
    Fact is, there are no 7-digit part numbers from Studebaker that start off with 14. They jumped from 13 to 15

    BTW, I have a couple of good 53 glove box doors if you want one without the holes for that V.

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      Thanks, Mr. Biggs. That's as I suspected. Since this is solid it will polish up well. If I can identify it as a SOB part perhaps I can sell it to someone with a less important brand of antique.
      I will need a door replacement. Drop me an email and thanks again.
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