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V8 Radiator swap

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  • Roscomacaw
    I've heard that a radiator for a Datsun 240 (or is it 260? - Jeff, you know?) is practically a bolt-in. But I've not had a first-hand experience with such. [:I]

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  • Mike Van Veghten
    If you want to go "bigger", almost anything will fit!!
    You only have so much original space to work with...and the original radiator fills that space right? You can't put a larger object in a smaller space.

    With a little cutting...(to get a bigger radiator in) and welding to make it look nice can get a good size radiator in. How big is entirely up to you.

    I did this on my 60 Lark. It now has an aluminum crossflow in it. Sorry...don't remember the dimensions. Will try to measure tonight and post tomorrow.

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  • thom
    I would like to do the same with my 55 coupe . It will be interesting to see what kind of response you get .


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  • prager
    Guest started a topic V8 Radiator swap

    V8 Radiator swap

    Does anyone know what a good cross over radiator for a Lark would be? I am looking to put a 350-375 hp Chevy in my Lark and would like to put a bigger radiator in. Is there a good cross over? Gm, ford etc? I would like to get about a 20 quart capacity one to fit with out too much modification..Thanks!!