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  • 50 Champ Generator

    My battery died, so I started troubleshooting the electrical system. While I charged the battery, I removed the generator. The commutator looked ok, pretty bright but some dark grey material bridging various spots on the mica, which I removed. The brushes are less that 1/2 used, and the spring tension is ok. I didn't sand down the commutator, just re-assembled the generator and spun it by hand and measured about 1/2 volt, which I thought meant it was working.

    After replacing the generator, but not hooking up the wires, I started the engine and ran it at a fast idle. No voltage from the generator. What am I missing? The shop manual says to polarize the generator but I haven't hooked it up yet.



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    If you didn't hook up the wires, you're not gonna get much of anything out of it. The "F" wire supplies a regulated voltage (ah - from the voltage regulator) to the field windings so that the armature has some magnetic fields to churn thru and produce current![:I]

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      "Whenever a regulator( or generator) is installed on a car, the generator must be polarized with the regulator. If this is not done, the current will pass through the regulator in the wrong direction & quickly burn the contacts.Before connecting any wires to the regulator, connect one end of a jumper wire to the Armature " A " terminal on the generator. Then MOMENTARILY touch the other end of the jumper wire to any 'hot' wire or terminal. Do not prolong the connection , just a flash and disconnect. Note: hot wire will be the non ground side of the battery."


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        Thanks to you both - I followed the instructions and everything is working properly. Now to get my overdrive to work...