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vin numbers

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  • vin numbers

    hey, does anybody know where to find the vin number on a 49 truck besides just on the vin plate??? It's a ton and a half.

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    Thats the only place the Truck serial # is stamped. Unlike cars which had a very lightly stamped SN on the rear crossmember.


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      okay thanks tranman, I was afraid of that even tho lotsa people told me it was on the rear crossmenber


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        I hate to sound dull, but where is the crossmember? I have just purchased a 51 champion, unpapered and i have to traqck down the last known owner in order to register it. the VIN number that i can find is "GI080244" which doesn't show as a valid VIN number.

        Any ideas what i can do?

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          Ah! i found this thread and lets see if i hit my guess right

          G = Champion
          I = made in South Bend.
          does the 80244 mean that this is the 80,244 car made in the year?


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            G does mean Champion and the 1 (I know it looks like an "I" but it's really a ONE) signifies that it was built in South Bend. The rest of the number, theoretically, would mean that it was the 80,244th Champion to come down the production line in South Bend. It doesn't take into account cars built in Los Angeles or Canada. And the Champion line for '51 just happened to start with serial# 1,000,001 or the 80,244 wouldn't make sense as to it's place in the lineup. The '51 Commanders from South Bend started with serial# 8,110,001 for example - so you have to KNOW that starting serial# to be able to establish where a given Commander might stand in the sequence of Commanders built for 1951.

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