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63 Avanti Brake Booster Check Valve Seal

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  • 63 Avanti Brake Booster Check Valve Seal

    The check valve on the PB Booster works OK, but I'd like to replace the rubber grommet to avoid vac. leak issues. A quick check of the usual Stude parts sources does not show these...Anyone found a substitute? Do not mind getting a new check valve if that's what it takes to get the new seal, if not too expensive..

    In the parts manual, it is illustration # 1112-123 part # 1555590: "O" Ring, check valve. (Although called an "O" ring, what is on the car now has flat mating surfaces against the booster and the check valve itself, not rounded as I normally think of an o-ring as being). Same part # for my 66 which also has discs.

    The only interchange I may have found online are the following for a late 1970's International Scout II: Bendix part # 2502-896, check valve grommet. Raybestos CV89000, valve & grommet.


    Chris Collins
    63 Avanti R-2
    66 Cruiser

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    If this is like a '62 lark booster I put in my car, its a flat rubber washer and the check valve locks in with some some tangs after a twist. Sort of like a radiator cap. If so, just find a pc of flat rubber the same thickness and cut out a new one with a exacto knife or box cutter. I did just that and it worked fine. Later I had the booster rebuilt and the rebuilder place put a new one on as part of the redo. Also, they put some grease on it to lube it was well as aid the seal. Probably some dielectric grease like for spark plug boots would be what to use there.


    '53 Champion Hardtop

    Jeff in ND