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anyone heard from sonny lately

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    quote:Originally posted by r1lark


    Good to hear that you have finally gotten moved!!

    Remember, the North Carolina Chapter has our big Tri-State Meet in Asheville NC in a few weeks (Sept 9, 10, and 11). Only about 150 miles from Columbia. Go here for info:

    This is our 'BIG' meet of the year for NC, and attended by folks from about 8 to 10 different states. You will enjoy it.

    Hope you can make it!!

    Thanks Paul, I'm looking forward to the Ashville event. But, I haven't actually made the move yet, I went down to SC to do all the nit-noy things that have to be done before I could move in. The place is ready for residence, but of course, I still have a HUGE amount of work at the old place to get ready to close the doors in NY. Just my garage and Stude stuff alone is gonna be daunting, let alone my trucks and my business stuff.

    Anyway, I'm well on the way to getting ready to actually load a truck for a southbound trip, it all just takes time. I'll make every effort to be at Ashville, being closer to the great events like NC always puts on was a BIG reason why I chose SC. Once I get settled you can expect to see me in Ashville with alarming regularity. []

    Thanks again Paul, see ya soon!



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      hey sonny its good to hear from ya

      well id take your advice and move further south to relax a lil but if you remember from our emails im in south texas there aint much more south than this, but hey good luck on the move and talk to ya more when ya get settled