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    Has anyone experienced an HEI Distributor set-up for the 289 Stude. Is one available, what are the good and bad points about the conversion etc. Thanks, Roger

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    Available, not cheap, BIG in diameter for a small location.

    MSD, Pertronics...a better way to go.
    I did obtain (through a guy at MSD) a phone number of a guy that will build custom distributors. Have not called him yet.


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      See the 6 cylinder HEI discussion for Dave Levesque's website.

      I had one built for my V8 Champ. Removed it after awhile , kept rubbing the paint off the firewall and was a pain to install/adjust etc. Ran excellent when it was setup, but with even new rubber motor mounts, occasionaly banged the cap into the firewall when accelerating.

      This guy here:

      Doesnt mention Studebaker but does in his listing for AMC, that he cant convert Prestolites but only AMC Delco window distributor.

      Like the other poster said, a few vendors have simpler solutions for Chrysler Electronic conversions, and I run Pertronix in most my Studes(Window and non-window Delcos). Also a Crane Fireball Xr700 in the CHamp that used to have an HEI.(Prestolite distributor)


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        I have the Pertronix in my 289 Hawk and have had excellent results thus far.

        Bob Shaw


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          I have Dave Levesque's HEI distributors in my '63 Hawk and '64 Cruiser. They have been in these cars for years, work well, do not rub anything, and are not any more crowded than the Delco window type distributors I had in the cars before. There may be better setups as others have suggested, but Dave's conversions have worked real well for me.