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Oil filter for 259

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  • Oil filter for 259

    My 259 is apparently an early '62 with '64 heads in a '64 Daytona. It is a pre full-flow-filter block so I need to add a remote filter.
    Where do I tap into an oil gallery to feed the filter? I see a plug at the rear of the block that appears to tap the cam area. The drivers side head has a similar plug near the front on the intake side and another nearby on the front of the head. Are these an oil source? They look like 1/8" pipe plugs. Thanks for your help. Bunzard

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    The 1/8"npt pipe plug in the front side of the head is an access point to the oil supply.
    This is where the partial flow oil filter supply was used by Studebaker.

    You can grab a whole filter assembly off of a donor engine very easily and add it to yours. That way you get the stand pipe filler with the filter base and the return line.

    One suggestion is to make sure you install new flex hose(s), as an junkyard one(s) may be hard and inflexible and you wouldn't want it to fail prematurely. Also be aware that there is a restriction in the line to help maintain oil pressure.

    Just remember that this is a partial flow filter arrangement and your oil change interval should stay fairly short.

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      IF your block is truly a '62, have a GOOD look on the right side of the block - just under the last exhaust port.
      In the past year (after never having seen such before) I've come across THREE full-flo blocks that had a bypass plate where the full-flo oil filter base would mount![:0] Why? I don't know. but one block was a '62 for sure and the other two were later blocks.
      Doesn't make good sense to have this filter feature engineered in and then not take advantage of it. But by golly, having had firsthand experience with them, I know they're out there.[)]

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        My 62 Champs original 259 V8 engine was one such. Perhaps Studebaker was trying to use up some partial flow filter kits early on.


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          IIRC, the switch to full flow oil filters during the 1962 model year had some exceptions. Some applications, particular trucks and maybe right hand drive, had interferance problems and finished the year out with partial flow oil filters and a block off plate. Changes were implemented for the 1963 model year. I also believe that some full flow blocks were made prior to the line changing over to full flow oil filters and these engines also received a block off plate. I don't know if the parts books may support any of this, but this is what comes out of a dim memory.
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            Yeah Gary my 62 Champ 7E7 had the partial flow filter and the filter port block off plate. It was built per TPO in May 1962. The right head exhaust pipe I believe would be different for full flow also.