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    My 33 Rockne sat unmoved in a garage for 31 years. I put a couple ounces of Marvel Mystery Oil into each sparkplug hole several times over the course of a month, put a chain on the axle, put it in gear and broke it loose. It made a bang and I thought something surely broke. Changed the oil, tuned it up and have put 1600 miles on it with good oil pressure. Nice stuff, Marvel Mystery Oil.
    I was gentler with the 60 Lark that had sat under a carport for 12 years; removed the starter and levered the ringgear through several complete revolutions.
    "All attempts to 'rise above the issue' are simply an excuse to avoid it profitably." --Dick Gregory

    Brad Johnson, SDC since 1975, ASC since 1990
    Pine Grove Mills, Pa.
    '33 Rockne 10,
    '51 Commander Starlight,
    '53 Commander Starlight "Désirée",
    '56 Sky Hawk


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      Evets, what is your mailing address? I will send you a couple introductory Turning Wheels magazines. Also, since I am keeping track of 1964 convertibles built in Canada, what is the serial number of your car?


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        I know that I'm only one of many to welcome you to the land of Studebaker. You'll find that most of us are pretty fanatical about the cars we love and drive.
        Yes, being a member of SDC is money well spent. I belong to a number of old car clubs, including the AACA. I'd have to say that "Turning Wheels" magazine is the best out there. I'm amazed that our editors turn out such a fine magazine month after month. Don't forget to check out the Studebaker Cooperator section of the mag. That's where you get a tremendous amount of technical info from Stude experts.
        Again, welcome.
        '59 Lark Regal Hardtop
        '59 Lark VI Regal Hardtop
        Recording Secretary, Long Island Studebaker Club