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Drivetrain bit

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  • Drivetrain bit

    1951 Commander

    I've got the drive shaft out and on my workbench, ready
    to replace all three U-joints and the center support
    bearing. Where the two shafts meet at the splined slip
    joint, there's a big nut that has, inside it, a grease
    seal and a retainer. The grease seal is part #522053,
    and I can't find it for sale from any of the usual sources.
    I assume it's made of felt or something like that. While
    I've got everything apart, I'd like to replace it, but I'm
    not going to dig it out if I don't have the replacement on
    hand. Probably it wouldn't hurt to just re-use it the way
    it is, but I like to replace the little bits whenever I can.
    Anybody else been through this?

    Jim Beckman
    Leonardo, NJ
    1951 Commander Starlight

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    My approach would be to just reuse it.

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