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65 Commander Axel / Brake help needed

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    See above photo! It was Right lower gusset (web) in the case of the rear that's shown.[^]

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      Ok, I just crawled out from under, brushed the grass off of my back. There is a little metal tag that has '43-13' on the first line and '3.31' on the second line. So that would make it a 3.31 ratio. What does 43-13 mean (if anything)? I haven't found a number in the casting gusset. I'm looking at the rear of the axel, on the lower gussets. It's a little harder to see on the front of the lower gussets but I don't see anything there either. I've used a wire brush and rag. I might need to take a screw driver to it, to make sure it's not filled in with goo. Are there rear ends that didn't have the number in the casting?

      It's all pretty wet. Does that mean I'm in need of a new gasket?

      I'll give it another look, and post a picture if I can't find anything.

      Thanks again,


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        Either I'm looking in the wrong place or there is no number in the casting. I've put up some pictures so you all can take a look and tell me what I have.




        Thanks again.


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          It's a type 44, the two numbers are just the tooth count on the ring and pinion that give you that 3.31 ratio. looks like you should change the gasket and pinion seal.

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