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51 Champion Studebaker Hub Caps

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  • 51 Champion Studebaker Hub Caps

    I am not sure if the rims I have for this car are the originals. They fit the hubs, but lots of rims will of coarse. The ones which I think go on this car have three slots. They seem to be on a 10" dia. and are 3/4 long by 1/4 wide. Can someone let me know if these are correct? I can email a photo, as I am unable to determine if pic's can be attached to these posts or not.

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    Are you talking rims or the wheel covers / hub caps ? I believe visually the rims from '51 through '56? look the same and have 3 slots in them that some clips go on for the moon or dog dish style caps. The full covers of course grip the tire bead area and don't use clips. There could be variations on the width of the rims. I know for sure that '52-'55 rims are 5" wide as I had a mix of those years on my '53 for a while. I have not seen any other make of rims with those slots so likely you do have studebaker rims. Some GM rims had spring clips riveted to them for their dog dish caps and some fords had clips made into the cap itself that catch on a bump in the rim. I am sure someone knows more than I do about this! I am not sure what '51 dog dish caps are like, but the full covers are a smooth disk with a crest in the center.


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      They sound like the proper rims to me. Those 3 slots recieve spring clips that sorta snap into place. Then the smaller hub caps (as opposed to the wheelcovers which grip the outer edge of the rim) snap over the three clips. These clips were used thru at least the '58 models. With the itroduction of the LArk, the wheels had nubs pressed into them for the caps to clip onto.

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        Thanks for your help, the slots seem to confirm the rims are in fact Studebaker rims.