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Electronic Fuel Pump

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  • Electronic Fuel Pump

    I have a '63 GT Hawk. If I don't run her every few days, it seems to take a lot of cranking to get fuel back up to the carb. I've heard installing an electric fuel pump will help, but am wondering if anyone else has experience with this. Any help is highly appreciated.

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    Had the same problem with a flat head 6, very little fuel in the pump to carb line after a week or so. Changed the fuel pump, solved the problem, now starts in less than 5 seconds every time, even after two weeks.


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      Works every time.
      I use the low pressure Carter on non-hi perf. engines.
      Keep the pressure below 5.5 psi (non-supercharged), yes you may need to get a regulator too.
      Even put one on my pos. ground flat head 6.
      Turn the pump on for about 6 or 8 seconds, turn it off, start the engine, turn the pump back on. That way it doesn't rob any starter power. Pretty much eliminates vapor lock too.
      Fuel will always evaporate from an older (pre mid/late 70's) carburetors vents.


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        Fuel pump is new, pretty much acts the same. Any info on the Manufacturer, model number of the elctric fuel pump mentioned?


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          As I said, the ones I've had good luck with over the last 20+years on the street are the Carter.
          The P-4070 is factory adjusted to 5 psi, good for everyday driving with ocasional blast on the track.
          The P-4594 is adjusted to 7 psi is a little more perf. oriented and a regulator should be used.

          Mount it so that "NO" vibration can transfer. If you don't, they can be a little noisy.
          Mount it low and as close as you can to the outlet from the tank.