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Ignition Safety Switch... where is it?

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  • Ignition Safety Switch... where is it?

    I am unable to start my car from the ignition switch.[8] I don't think the switch is faulty. Where is the (trans lockout) ignition safety switch?[:I] I figure it might have come unplugged or is faulty, broken wire, etc...

    OOps, Sorry![:I] I forgot, the car is a '62 Lark Regal sedan.

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    It's on top of the steering column, under the dash. Serves as BU lite Sw. as well. Earlier cars had it at the base of the column IN the engine compt..

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      Thanks Mr Biggs!! The tab on the bottom of the switch was broken off. I should have known when the backup lights refused to shut off what the problem was.[:I]

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