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Steering wheel removal

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  • Steering wheel removal

    I am about ready to pull my Hawk steering wheel that has been on there since it was built. Any tips? I was going to use a puller but wanted to see if anyone had any special experiences they want to pass along.


    Dan White
    64 R1 GT
    64 R2 GT

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    Nothing fancy, just put the nut on loose incase you mess up a thread or two.

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      Wear safety glasses![8D] I recently went to pull the wheel off my LARK and it wouldn't budge using a Steering Wheel Puller, I switched to a small gear puller to get a better grab all around the center hob of the wheel, again it wouldn't budge, so I tapped it(lightly) with a hammer(like removing a rear hub,but tapped lightly!) AND BOOM! the steering wheel popped off and shattered into a million pieces!(see before and after pics)I hadn't planned on using the wheel as it was already cracked up ,but I found the problem to be a bent steering shaft at the end.(should have noticed when the nut was hard to get off the first time!)