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transmission help

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  • transmission help

    as you might remember from my last post i've got some transmission problems. any the transmission shop near me wants $1000 plus the cost of any parts to work on my t-86. that seems a bit high so i am thinking of switching to a different trans. does anyone know of some one who makes t-5 conversion? would i need to have bucket seats to use it, will the bench interfere with the shifter? or should i just use a chevy auto trans? what do i use for a crossmember with either of these conversions. my car is a 1964 commander, with a 259 v8. it is currently a 3spd no o/d. does anyone have a t-86 with the long tailhousing for sale. please help me. i want to get my stude back on the road. thanks

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    Are you in a local SDC chapter? Ask some of the other members to recommend a shop. Or, look at the SDC vendor page for a Studebaker service vendor near you.

    Dwain G.


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      What part of the country are you in?[?]

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        What are the particular problems that you have? Did you strip a gear? Is it a problem staying in gear? Is it possibly something that a complete adjustment of the linkage, per the shop manual, may help?
        In any case, I see your best solution, if you need a transmission or a complete rebuild, is to locate a good used, similar transmission, even if you have to have it shipped to you. It will be a lot more expense and work to convert to a completely different transmission. There must be some rusty hulks around with a good transmission or someone has a 3-speed laying around from an overdrive conversion. Start by contacting Bill Cathcart in Connecticut for either repair service or a good used transmission. Next, I would contact W.C.D. Garage in Mass. for repair or a replacement transmission.
        If this is who I think it is, the car is in Westchester County, NY.
        Gary L.
        Wappinger, NY

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