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Hawk springs

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  • Hawk springs

    I have a '64 GT with weak saggy springs. I love the lowered look, but the ride......
    Has anyone ever found a shorter stiffer coil spring that will work to lower the car and still give a reasonable ride and handling quality.
    Thanks Dave

    Dave in IN
    1964 GT Hawk

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    Since nobody offered an answer for ya Dave, I'll try. The short answer is no, as far as I know, there's no known spring that a fella can use to lower his Stude and still keep the ride. There has been some suggestions for lowering our Studes, (not easy), but they're all just variations of what's been done for any other car, (cut a coil out, heat the springs, etc.).

    I would suggest that if you can find a good spring company who will work with you to find/build such a spring, you could sell a TON of them! [8D]

    I'm sorry that this wasn't what you wanted to hear, but it's where we're at with this problem in the Stude community. Hopefully somebody can/will do the homework to fix it.



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      What is the thickness of the spring. How many active coils have you got. What is the ride hight of the spring. A stock Stude spring should be 14" free standing height and 10" with the weight on the springs. Now I do not know about the springs on your Lark because I have been working on 53 K's since 58. Now the 53 K spring is 270 lbs. inch. what I do to lower them is use a Chevy Nova 75 up 5 1/2 X 9 spring with a 216 lbs. inch rate, since I lighten the front a little this works out nice. But every car is different and everyone's butt has a different comfort level,so you realy should pull the parts out and check them for pressure and if they have lost their set.


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        Thanks for the replies. There is a good spring shop locally that I will try to work with. My hawk has air conditioning which the parts book specifies HD spring #526122. Does anyone here know the specs for this spring? I'll try the spring shop tomorrow. Thanks, Dave

        Dave in IN
        1964 GT Hawk
        '89 Ford Festiva
        '90 Ford F250 4x4
        '14 Kia Rio
        '64 Studebaker Gran Turismo Hawk
        '66 International Harvester pickup


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          Does your Hawk have factory installed A/C? If not and the A/C was added later, perhaps it just needs to have the proper springs and spacers installed.
          Gary L.
          Wappinger, NY

          SDC member since 1968
          Studebaker enthusiast much longer


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            That is why I asked you the height of the spring installed in the car. And the free standing length and the wire thickness.The springs specs. in the Stude book do not agree with my spring tester but the testers only test at 1/2" or 1" not at installed height.The big kicker is the active coils.