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'50, '51 or '52 3/4 ton truck, R10-22

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  • '50, '51 or '52 3/4 ton truck, R10-22

    I'm trying to get some info for my buddy about his truck. It is an early '50s R10-22 with a 3/4 ton rear end under it. He wants to restore it and I am helping him. Maybe someone knows the answer to our questions. (I looked through all 25 pages of previous forum tech. threads and couldn't find anything)

    What does R10-22 mean?

    Does this rear end have tapered axles?
    Is it a Dana?
    When new, what color was the flathead painted?

    This is a really nice truck, and appears to only be missing a rear bumper and the ignition key! Everything else is there.
    Thanks guys!!!

    1953 Chev. 210 Convertible, 261 6cyl w/Offy dual intake (But I always did love Studebakers!)
    1995 Dodge/Cummins Pickup, 250 HP, 620 Ft. Lbs. of Torque, ATS trans.

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    The 2R10 is a Champion(169.9 cid) six cylinder engine powered 3/4 ton truck. Which is probably why its got a 3/4 ton rear under it.

    The -22 refers to the wheelbase of 122 inches.

    The rear should have a Timken rear with full floating axles( flange ends axles bolted to the outside end of the hubs) If you look at it , the Timken is split vertically down the middle. IF it has a Dana, its likely a D60 from a 55 or later 3/4 ton Stude truck. I'm not sure when Stude changed over from Timken to Dana on the 3/4 tons but I have a '52 2R10-22 parts truck w/ the Timken rear.


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      On another thread, I answered questions about a '49-'53, 3/4 ton, 122 inch wheelbase, 2R pick up with a 170 cubic inch engine. Your rear bumper is probably not missing. It probably never had one.

      BTW, the posts about this truck were in the General Discussion under something like "Rookie needs help getting started."
      Gary L.
      Wappinger, NY

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      Studebaker enthusiast much longer