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    looking for a 410 rear end. anyone have any leads on what year car or truck that might have one that will fit in my 63 lark. a dana 44 would be nice but i'll take what i can get. i know that alot of JEEP have good rear ends and possibly dana's. i have converted my 3 speed no od to a 5 speed and my 373 rear just doesnt have enough for me. any help with this would be appreciated.

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    You don't mention where you're located.........
    I've got a 4.11, complete axle assembly from my Conestoga. It is a 27 series though.
    Come pick it up, it's in So. Cal.


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      i'm also in los angeles to be exact. drop me a line at my work e-mail.


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        Cosmo, I have a Dana 44 4.10 drum to drum in L.A. but it is out of a 53K.I dont know if it will fit a Lark.