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oil relief valve

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  • oil relief valve

    I have the spring out of the oil relief valve. I can't remove the plunger. I reach in about 2 inches, find a smaller hole , put the screwdriver in the smaller hole ,pull with no plumger. I can't engage the plunger, how do you know if there is a plunger in that hole?

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    I take a wood rod and place in the center of the inner hole, it will engauge and move what I assunme is the plunger an inch (+ or-) and then the plunger catches and the wood rod pulls loose. Any sugestions?


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      I got it out! I used carb cleaner in the orifice and worked the plunger with a wooden dowel pushed into it , very careful not to break the stick, wow ; the small hole in the end of the plunger is open, what a small oil hole the plunger has.


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        I recently fought one out that had rusted in the bore. Man, was THAT a fight! Using heat, pentrating oil, and a drift made from a bent allen wrench - I managed to drive it partway out by going thru the hole that serves the front main bearing (this block was completely stripped down, BTW). Once I got it driven back a bit, I dripped some oil into the bore where I'd used the allen drift. Then I drove the piston back to where it HAD been and thereby got it lubricated to a degree with the oil I'd dripped in there. Then I drove it back again with the allen drift, dripped more oil in and did the same routine several times. Eventually, using a piece of rather hard aluminum rod, I was able to drive the piston all the way out. The Aluminum rod was stout enough to tap on with a hammer and yet, forgiving enough to bend as it progressed thru the hole in the main bearing seat. This was essential since the hole to the seat is not in direct alignment with the bore of the relief valve. Also, I didn't have to worry about the aluminum scarring the bore up to where the piston would drag some.
        Took me about an hour of tinkering and devising the "tools" before I had the piston out.

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          Biggs, it took me about an hour.