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'55 President oil pump

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  • '55 President oil pump

    Need a source for oil pump rebuild.


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    Studebaker International- phone 317-462-3124.

    Are those fins supposed to be on there?from the factory?


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      I got the oil pump off the '55 President today and found the top all crushed in like someone had stepped on it off the car or beat on it with a hammer; quite a few fatigue cracks in it from that as well. I cannot think of any "normal" scenario where the top of the pump would be caved in like that. When I drained the oil from the engine, the first two quarts or so were clear water; not sure if that's necessarily a bad sign or not. Haven't yet pulled the rod s or mains, but nothing looks "unusual" under there yet. This engine was locked up.
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        Are you talking about the PUMP being crushed or the oil pickup head? I can't see the pump being "crushed" by anything but a hydraulic press.[:0]

        As to the water - it's certainly not a good sign.[V] If that engine's stuck, you'll have to work at getting it UNstuck. Maybe a diet Coke soak or total immersion in a water trough.[}]

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          Yes, the pickup head that houses the filter screen. The pump cleaned up pretty good. We soaked the engine in Marvel Mystery oil for weeks and it never freed up. Heads are off and nothing appears abnormal yet. The story I got was the car was driveable, then was just parked for a couple weeks and then after that locked up.... a bit strange. I have another locked up engine that we will rebuild; have not started tearing it down yet. We soaked it in MMO for weeks as well.
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            No deceptive flags to prove I'm patriotic - no biblical BS to impress - just ME and Studebakers - as it should be.