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rear axles

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  • rear axles

    i have been looking into having my rear axle rebuilt, and have been reading some of the other topics on this subject. i,m wondering if Dana rear axles were stock for studes. i have a 63 lark, the gear ratio is 3.73. but currently i'm at the office and the car is at home so i cant look for other identifying marks. if it is a Dana how can i tell, and if it's not what could it be? thanks

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    Dana axles were used by Studebaker in all cars and 1/2 ton trucks since 1946 at least.

    Your '63 could have a Model 27 or Model 44 installed depending on engine , tranny options. The Model 27 is the lighter of the two and is mostly found in 6 cylinder cars but some 259 2v cars also came with them.
    The Model 23 also could have been transplanted into your car but was superceded by the Model 27 around 1960. My 59V 4dr Lark VIII has a Model 23. The Dana will in any case , have the Model # ie 23,27, and 44 cast into one of the webs of the center section, and has a bolt on rear cover. If its not a Dana, could be anything, people do amazing things with hacksaws, hammers, and torches. Jeep and 4x4 shops should be very familiar with the 44 as its sought after as a offroad axle for Jeeps. It was used in many different Jeeps, Scouts and some F@rd and C*vy 4x4s.


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      quote:Originally posted by Transtar60

      It was used in many different Jeeps, Scouts and some F@rd and C*vy 4x4s.
      Corvette used the Dana 44 (at least the center section) for many years on their independent suspension. It's strong and light.

      Dick Steinkamp
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        SASCO's got new type 27 Rear axles (3.73) for $210.10 + shipping. Part number 1549426. If ya get one tho, ya need to change the pinion seal. They're not expensive but the original seals have dried out over the years and won't retain the oil anymore.

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          in my shop manuel it says the make of the rear axle is "spicer" whats the difference between that and a dana?


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            Spicer was bought out by Dana I believe in the 50s and was a Dana sub. For some time the rears were referred to as Dana-Spicers

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              Basicallly Spicer is a brand name, Dana is(or was) the Corporations name.
              The Dana 44 when used in Stude 1/2 tons is referred to in the book as the Spicer 2211.
              See this NAPCO page