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Modern Tires for 1961 Hawk

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  • Modern Tires for 1961 Hawk

    The 1961 Hawk's original tires and treads look OK but getting leary of driving on them. Owner's manual recommends 6.70 x 15 but dealers tell me this size now available only in truck tire, no whitewalls. Can anyone suggest a safe alternative?

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    The usual recommendation is a 195/75R15; if you have 5" wide rims you can kick that up to a 205/75R15. If you have the 4.5" wide rims but want some wider meats under the car I believe the usual recommendation is to get some wheels from a base model Ranger, forget which years, but there's a guy that sells 'em new that has an ad in TW. Those wheels are 6" wide and you might be able to get away with 215s or 225s on those.


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      Hi Coker tire can/should hook you up

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        Yes, Coker has tires but they ain't cheap. Try $150 or so ea. plus shipping. Can't remember 61 but my Mom had a '63 GT with thin whitewalls. Almost all the bargain basement radial tires in a 205/75-15 have thin whitewalls. I put 4 on my 57 Hawk with custom wheels for about $200 out the door and they look great to me. Of course, it is your car, so put on what you can afford.


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          The F*rd wheel N8 spoke of is the NWRA(National Wheel and Rim Association) # X40273 Base wheel for 4x4 Rangers and Bronco II's, its a 15x6 5 on 4 1/2 bolt pattern.

          You can use the original lugnuts with this particular wheel.
          I paid $36 ea at a local Tire and Rim Service.


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            Many thanks to all respondents