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59 Lark Pricing

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  • 59 Lark Pricing

    Thinking of buying a 59 Lark, V8, 2 dr. hardtop, automatic transmission, paint in good condition, no rust, interior seats slightly warn, no rips, carpet needs replaced. Present Owner is second Owner, purchased car with 10,000 miles, 40 years ago. Car now has 24,000. Tires are classic type, wide white walls. Been kept in garage. Not driven on highway for 10 years, but started and run on property. I would rate it between good and very good condition.

    Owner is asking $8,000.00. Is this reasonable?

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    For that price, I'd feel a little better if you could be confident in driving it home. Just my opinion.


    55 Commander Starlight
    62 Daytona hardtop
    55 Commander Starlight


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      I'm with N8 on this one. If it's a solid driver, in addition to what you've described, yes, a very low mileage car, in that condition can bring that kind of money. You might want to include the driveability factor in the negotiations. If you're new to, unfamiliar with, Studebakers, I would insist that it was a solid driver, or that the present owner get it that way.



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        Sounds like a nice car to me, the way you describe it. I own a '59 Lark VI Regal Hardtop and I believe it's worth about $6000. It's in a condition similar to what you describe. My interior is great. Red vinyl original upholstery.
        As was previously mentioned, you want to be sure it's a good driver.
        For $8000, you should be allowed to take it for a good drive, with the present owner in the car with you.
        My immediate concern, if you decide to buy the car is the tires. I would replace the tires and change the oil right off the bat.
        Good luck whatever your decision.

        '59 Lark VI Regal Hardtop
        Recording Secretary, Long Island Studebaker Club


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          Knowing nothing more than what you say about the car,I gotta say thats a lot of money. And,speaking as a used car dealer,for $8000,you shouldn't have to do anything but drive it.
          I've been watching this 'Stude market'for over 2 years.The only Lark I've seen bring that kinda money belonged to our ex-webmaster[Mark VanDe Venter].It was just about 'mint' condition- yeah,I wished I could afford it!!!
          But seriously,[and please don't be offended,you Lark owners!!]
          Paint-GOOD condition?-interior a little rough? how old are those tires? TAKE a body man AND a mechanic with you to check out the car!
          Again,not to offend any Lark owners,but the going price of a good running,decent looking Lark seems to be about $4000 at this time.
          Now thats an AVERAGE.But $8000 should buy a near MINT LARK

          not golden hawk,not silver hawk,just hawk.


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            That car should pass a pretty strict state inspection if applicable and, I agree, for that price the owner should have no qualms about allowing your trusted body man to crawl all over it. If it is that goodit's restorationmoney you don't have to spend.
            "All attempts to 'rise above the issue' are simply an excuse to avoid it profitably." --Dick Gregory

            Brad Johnson, SDC since 1975, ASC since 1990
            Pine Grove Mills, Pa.
            sigpic'33 Rockne 10, '51 Commander Starlight, '53 Commander Starlight "Désirée"


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              I think it's a tad pricey - but it IS a hardtop, and they deserve a bit more money than the sedans. For $8K tho - it better be road-ready and willing to do so.

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                For $8000 for a Lark that is not a convertible, it should be a 390 point show car. Your terms of "good paint" and "seats slightly worn" leave room for individual interpretation. Being run is okay for the engine. Not being driven is hard on the transmission, differential, suspension and brakes. From what you have said, I would make a guesstimate of $4000 - $5000. This from someone that has bought and sold used cars full time plus more than 50 Studebakers of my own, including a '59 Hardtop with V8, AT and 27K miles.
                Gary L.
                Wappinger, NY

                SDC member since 1968
                Studebaker enthusiast much longer


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                  Jim, lots of opinions here. I too used to sell cars and quite frankly, the price is what you feel is right after a close inspection. A car not driven regularly at highway speeds will have some gremlins lurking in it. As previously mentioned, if purchased, change ALL the fluids, brake, trans, coolant, oil and ditch those tires. Larry Swanson can tell a good tale about some low mileage tires that he drove on in the Great American Race a few years back. The 'rubber' in new tires breaks down in about 3 years and can give you a false sense of security when you see how much tread is still left on a car that is rarely driven. Personally, I think that 59 Lark Hardtop is a sweet package and would make a very practical daily driver. Good luck.

                  Lew in Escondido, CA


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                    I had the chance to inspect a real nice Ermine White 59' Hardtop that was just like yours.....It had 100K miles on it, but the engine had rebuilt 20K on it. Very roadworthy....and very nice paint and insides
                    No real issues. Just sold on eBay last month for $6100. A real nice car!


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                      Hmmmm, it hasn't been all that long since I bought my 60 Lark, 2dr wagon with 21K miles on it. Simmilar, I'm the third owner, never crashed, original brakes, spair, paint, etc., etc.
                      259, 2 barrel, auto trans.

                      I'd offer him a bit less and see what happens. Can't hurt!
                      I guess it depends on how fast he/they want/s to get rid of it!


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                        quote:Originally posted by jackb

                        I had the chance to inspect a real nice Ermine White 59' Hardtop that was just like yours.....It had 100K miles on it, but the engine had rebuilt 20K on it. Very roadworthy....and very nice paint and insides
                        No real issues. Just sold on eBay last month for $6100. A real nice car!
                        Hmmm.. $6,100.00 and it had that many miles huh? It doesn't surprise me though. It's been said that ebay sets the value for things, and I believe that ebay has some bearing on pricing. Some folks would like to see the prices stay waaaaay down on our Studebakers, others, (and there seems to be a growing number), realize that our cars are very under-valued and would appreciate getting true value for such a fine automobile, it's really about time. Mebbe folks haven't been keeping up with Studebaker prices lately either, (ever look at the classified section of TW lately? )

                        Another comment that I saw said, "the price is what you feel is right after a close inspection..", and THAT is what I believe. I think that's where we lose sight of things sometimes, it's not all about money, it's about the love. Sure, I'll always try to negotiate a price down, it's the normal way that people work, but I'd pay that much for a low mileage, '59 Lark, V8, hard top in a second. Would I be a dumb-ass or would I be the guy with the most love? Either way, you'll never please 'em all, so it's gotta be yourself. That's why, when I'm asked for a direct opinion, sometimes all I can say is, "I don't think I would have done it exactly like that."



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                          When I bought my 65 Cruiser, I paid $6200 for it. EVERYBODY said that was too much money, but it was such a clean, nice car that I couldn't resist. I've not regretted it for a minute.

                          Mark Anderson
                          1965 Studebaker Cruiser


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                            Sonny, Studebaker philosophers are my favorites! I also 'go with my gut'........sometimes I end up with a stomach ache but usually I don't.

                            Lew in Escondido, CA