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R2 AFB Woes Update

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  • R2 AFB Woes Update

    For anyone out there who may be interested in my Carter carb "odyssey" here is an update. Today I checked my floats for leakage by immersing them in warm water (about 130 Degrees, I would estimate)and I could detect no sign of a leak due to vapor expansion inside the floats and subsequent bubble trail. Summit Racing has Edelbrock brass floats for the low-low price or $13 (for BOTH)--they must be made in Tahti by ten year old child labor. I may yet spring for a pair, but my concern is that they probably are not shaped just like the original and then you have the problem of "what do you set them at"--the factory specs are likely "out the window and you are on your own". So for now I am experimenting with a float level setting of 7/16" in lieu of factory spec of 3/8". Some may shudder at this, but in lieu of any advice to the contrary I thought I'd go for it. It's getting kinda of late tonight and I still need to determine what changes to make to the seal at the accelerator pump shaft, but I hope to have it running tomorrow and I'll report on my success/failure then--actually, since the floats checked out OK I'm at kind of a loss as to what else to try. If I'm unsuccessful tomorrow I'll probably change the floats as noted above and also put in a second new set of needles and seats. Catch you later.
    wagone/waygone in Iowa