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DIY Chrome Plate

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  • DIY Chrome Plate

    I just wondering has anyone Done chrome at home?

    I did nickle and silver plate in school but it was on a small scale.

    I think I could do small Items with a little work.

    Has anyone done this?

    Thanks Kevin

    1954 Studebaker Champion Coupe

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    There's a company that sells home chrome kits and supplies. Caswell I think the name is.
    I've never done it or heard from anyone who has. If you try it, let us know what the results are

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      Here is an online group that I have been following for awhile. Some good info on getting started plating.

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        hey thanks for the link, I'm going to check it out and I'll post any home chrome projects, good or bad.

        Thanks kevin D.

        1954 Studebaker Champion Coupe


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          The worse problem might be disposing of some of the nasty stuff,real toxic.I was giving the grand guided tour of the chrome shop I use last time I picked some chrome up.
          Personally,Id just as soon someone else did this kinda work,don't think Id even want to work there,but there must be some satisfaction in restoring a nice piece.
          Perhaps you could get a tour of one near you to help you decide if you really want to start this.
          I was told a bucket of nickle alone is 10k,and they go through lots of it.