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Old Dog New Tricks (Disc Brakes)

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  • Old Dog New Tricks (Disc Brakes)

    Has anyone use the online disc brake bracket kit to convert a front drum to Disc brakes?

    Was the kit straight forward in the direction and ease of install?
    Was the kit well made?
    Where the parts needed to install easy to find (rotors, calipers, ect.)
    Did you use the stock master or did you replace the master?
    Did the disc brakes perform well , and would you do this again?

    Any information or comments on this would be great,

    Thanks Kevin

    1954 Studebaker Champion Coupe

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    "Online dic brake bracket kit"?

    Please explain.

    Overall, either the Dave L. or the Turner kit is an easy assembly.
    I'm going to make my own bracket to install Wilwood four piston calipers fir the front of my Conestoga to match the rears. The biggest thing to any of this is carefull caliper alignment.

    Many switch to twin resevoir master cylinder for a bit of safety, but it's not absolutly nesessary.

    As long as the caliper is from a mid to full size carand is compatable (width wise) with the rotor used, the brake action will be fine.


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      Kevin, be prepared for a wide range of answers and opinions. I have a Jim Turner deluxe kit that appears to be very complete but have not installed it because I want to also use a dual chamber master cylinder and a hydrovac booster and there are technical issues. You will have to get a kit to do double-lap flares if you cut into the existing system to install the residual check valves or be satisfied with bending standard length auto parts store lines. Hopefully, someone out there has done it right and will give all of us schooling on how he/she did it. Lew in Escondido, CA.


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        Kevin, regardless of what kit you use, I recommend that you call Master Power Brakes at 888-351-8781 and request their catalogue. It includes a wealth of info on how all the components should work together. It is $5 but well worth it. Lew in Escondido, CA.


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          These are the kit's I was talking about Dave L. or the Turner kit.
          I haven't seen any of the Master power brake kits, I just typed in google and searched for converting drum to disc for studebaker and like the fact that everything was bolt on it all could be undone it did seem to me that one of the kits was a little more thought out with the dog ear on the bracket for the calipers than the other I wanted to do my research before buying one of these Disc kits which is just a monting plate and a bearing spacer with harden bolts.

          And wanted to hear for others who have installed the kits and what they think of them. I was concern with brake noise and the brakes releasing as well as performance with and without dual M/C change. And does the tire set out more do you have less turning radius.

          Are the part painted or powder coated or bare metal?

          Thanks Kevin

          1954 Studebaker Champion Coupe


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            Kevin, the Turner kit is not powder coated. The brackets appear to be anodized. The calipers merely have preservative on them. I plan to paint mine with hi-temp caliper paint. Lew in Escondido, CA