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  • bushings

    so a couple of months ago i installed those delrin bushings in my 63 lark. i made sure to grease the bushings before i installed them, i put the grease fittings in them, and i have greased the bushings since. but i still have abit of a skeek. mainly when i come to a stop, or when i'm driving around aparking lot slowly and coming to park. is this normal.

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    Generaly delrin bushings dont make noise so soon, I would check as to wheather you put the spring isolators in, or the king pin pivot are well lubed.Best to put it up on a rack and have some one bounce the front end up and down while lookin for where the noise is comming from.


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      i didnt put the spring isolaters back in. they were old and shot out. i didn't think that they would do that they would start making noise.


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        If you look at your suspension you will see that the spring does not sit in there straight at the bottom a arm the spring twists inward and the spring bows out. You should have gone to and gotten the Urethane isolators the are for Chevrolet Novas 75 up, 70up Camero and Firebird and 73up Chevelle & Monte Carlo. They are about $25 a set.


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          thanks for the info, i'll just have to do that sometime soon. i'm going to be putting bigger rims on the car, get rid of the old stock rims for something a bit wider. i guess i could just put the isolaters in then, then just get the alingment done. well live and learn