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1925 studebaker roadster frame

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  • 1925 studebaker roadster frame

    I have recently bought a 1925 studebaker roadster body. The body is just the sheet metal no frame. I am looking for all the dimensions so that I can build a frame for the car or if anybody has one that they would like to sell let me know. If anyone knows what the dimensons are so that I can build one please help. A drawing of the frame or if there is another frame that works better. I am going to make a street rod out of the car. Does anyone know if a ford roadster frame works.

    Please help

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    There were several different series of 1925 Studebakers available. You'd have to know what series yours was to start to look for the proper frame info.

    You might do better to inquire via this website:

    Our forum is more acquainted with the Studebakers built after WWII.

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