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Best adhesive for trim?

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  • Best adhesive for trim?

    Closed the door of my '63 hawk last night and one of the new gold birds fell off that my body man had put on after doing the paint job. Should he have roughened the paint a bit before applying adhesive? I don't know what he used - the residue looks clear. Anyway what should I use to make sure it stays put when I put it back on? Any suggestions?
    Thanks, HUB

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    3M makes an emblem and molding tape (rubber w/adhesive on both sides) that I've used for years and really like.

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      The bird should be retained by 3 pins, but if you want to glue them on, use 3M construction adheasive. (the double sided tape sticks out too far.

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        Use some 3-M weatherstrip adhesive,black.It can be used for all kinds of little projects.Put a little on the back of the emblem,rub it around a bit with your finger to tack it up.Don't put so much on it oozes out from under the emblem-
        BUT! you may need a little solvent to clean wax or silicone from the car and the back of the emblem. I'd take it back to the painter and let him redo it,he knows what he used,should be able to do it right the 2nd time,once he realizes there is a problem!

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          Having read your post a couple of times - it struck me that you said this was a "NEW" gold bird, not one that had been on the car before. This would lead me to think your "painter" made the concious decision to eliminate the little pins that a NEW emblem would have come with. And likely, he did that because he'd (inadvertently OR deliberately) covered up the holes for said pins to fit into.[}] Gluing them on is not indicative of knowing much about bodywork, IMHO[V] Consequently, I'd have reservations that he might "get it right" the second time around.
          Since these gold birds are a hollow metal stamping instead of a cast piece, the adhesive tape is about useless. You're gonna have to find out what sorta glue will hold fast to metal and paint (and the construction adhesive does sound like a good choice even tho I've not personally tried it for that purpose). I'd clean the paint with the silicone/wax remover as has been mentioned and do the same to the back side of the bird too. Then hold it in place on the door and faintly outline it with pencil so you can get it properly situated once you apply glue to the back of the bird.
          Working quickly, apply daubs of glue to strategic locations on the emblem - say, midway up each wing and in the tail - trying to keep the glue from the edges so that it can spread outward as you press the emblem in place, without having it squish out around the outside of the bird when it's finally seated against the door skin.
          It would probably be wise to have some 3M adhesive remover at hand to clean away and excess before it set up solid! Besides, that stuff has lots of uses for cleaning up road tar and other goofs on your prized Studebaker. And a can of it lasts forever.[^]

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