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    I'm looking for the correct Ditzler numbers for the following 53 colors - Tahoe Green (Acme #7263), Olympic Gray (Acme #7481), Ivory Mist (Acme #7475), and Chippewa Green (Acme #7479). I have an old note from a previous owner listing the Ditzler paint colors used on the car. I've seen the Ditzler color chips via a VW web site and they look like the original stude colors. I'm not sure if those numbers match my original build sheet colors (Tahoe Green and Olympic Gray). All I have is the Acme and the DUCO/DULUX numbers for Studebaker. Does anyone have a Ditzler sheet?

    G. Howes

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    look in under Studebaker. It will prompt you for the year of your vehicle. They have copies of the original Ditzler paint chip cards. You will have to go by the numbers as the color won't properly display on your computer.

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      Thanks for the web site info, unfortunately they have every Studebaker year EXCEPT 1953. I'll post the info here if I can track it down. Thanks.

      G. Howes


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        I can tell you the dupont delco/dulux numbers

        Tahoe Green (Acme #7263)
        duco 1321 & dulux 93-71782
        246-0097 White
        246-0785-G Blue Toned Green
        246-025 Black
        246-064 Ferrite yellow

        Olympic Gray (Acme #7481)
        duco 1663 & dulux 93-57523
        246-0097 White
        246-025 Black
        246-0751-G Chrome Oxide Green
        246-064 Ferrite Yellow

        Ivory Mist (Acme #7475)
        duco 1659 & dulux 39-57519
        246-0097 White
        246-0612-K Green Gold Toner
        246-064 Ferrite Yellow
        246-025 Black

        Chippewa Green (Acme #7479)
        duco 1665 & dulux 93-57524
        246-0097 White
        246-064 Ferrite Yellow
        246-0785-G Blue Toned Green
        246-025 Black

        I hope this can help you a bit.



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          Here is some information I found while getting paint for my '53 hardtop back in 2001.

          The light green, "Chippewa Green" I could get as Dupont Centauri single stage from my local paint supplier. Its Dupont #57524A. The dark green, "Lombard Green" was more of a problem. I spent a lot of time matching a 1953 paint chip chart to chips for other similar colors and found that 1971 Dodge truck "Pine Green #2" is a very close match. I think its slightly lighter and more blueish but I doubt anyone could tell without a side by side comparison. I could only get this color in Dupont's "Nason" line as Ful-Cryl II. This is also a single stage paint similar to the Centauri. The code is 4856ID or maybe just 4856.

          In researching this, I had also contacted PPG about the Lombard Green and according to them a "computer matched" formula for it is:

          Bases/Toners Quart/Parts
          DMR401 28.9
          DMR484 57.0
          DMR490 123.0
          DMR410 247.2
          DMR441 748.0
          DXR495 768.0
          DMR499 1038.0

          I do not know what paint system this represents (enamel, BC/CC, etc) and have not attempted to have this mixed or tried it out.

          I painted the car with the Dupont products mentioned above and am pretty happy with the results.

          '53 Champion Hardtop

          Jeff in ND


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            If your Tahoe Green 1953 is S/N 8335335 (IIRC), I painted that car with nitrocelluse lacquer.
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              Thanks for all the info. Here's the update for anyone looking into paint colors.
              I contacted Dupont and they reviewed the colors and came up with the following (He said these are chromasystem basecoat/clearcoat sytem numbers):
              Tahoe Green: GS549 (needs to be a bit darker/more black)
              Olympic Gray: B8702 (needs to be a bit more blue)
              Ivory Mist: YS417
              Chippewa Green: GS246
              Ivory Mist and Chippewa Green were the better of the matches. The Tahoe Green and Olympic Gray close matches are nothing incredible. The old duco/dulux mix info can't be used since the tints themselves have changed over the years.

    , which is the link mentioned by studeclunker and the link from the PPG and Ditzler web sites, said they'd send me a scanned paint chip sheet with the numbers - no charge. More importantly, they said they can match the paint color exactly, taking into account exterior appearance in sunlight, and they "certify" the final match, for what that's worth. They can provide a sprayed panel for review and approval. I'm working on confirmation that they can certify colors across different product systems. I'm leaning toward PPG global basecoat/clearcoat, although I know everyone has their own favorite. Dupont never claimed to be able to match the colors, just get close.

              After everything, I estimate that the original owner had the outside of the car repainted sometime around 1964. They left the paint number information in the car for reference. At the time they used the closest Ditzler match to the original colors, which turned out to be 61-64 VW colors. They're almost an exact match - I had to look very hard to see where the two paint colors met at the various seams, and the only way you can tell is that the old paint has a few small chips at the edges exposing the same color paint below.

              I'm turning everything over to the shop doing my painting and they're working up actual samples. Thanks for all the help!

              G. Howes