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Radio Static

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  • Radio Static

    I recently installed an original Studebaker manual-tune radio in my 60 Lark VI and am getting one hell of a "buzz" from the speaker.

    I had the original Studebaker instructions and installed it properly.

    I had to install the 3 noise suppression capacitors on the generator, coil and regulator as it didn't have any. I grounded the radio itself to the dash. There is one ground I've yet to install, from the hood hinge to the hood itself. Could this be my problem? Also, should there be a ground from the engine block to the firewall? Several other old (1950's) car's I've had had that.

    The radio sounds really good with the engine off.....but with it running I have to crank the colume way up to overcome the ignition noise.

    Looking forward to any info!

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    It sounds like an ignition induced problem, rather than a problem with the radio. Are you using solid core secondary (spark plug) wires? Your car should have resistance wires. There is a manufacturer that makes excellent spark plug wire sets tailored to Studebakers. A couple of vendors, including one that is occasionally on this forum, sell them for about $25 plus S&H.
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      If it stops when the engine isn't running it must surely be the ignition. BUT don't forget that the device that produces AC from the DC supply - for the valves (toobs) - makes a loud buzzing that starts as soon as the radio is turned on, whether the engine is running or not.