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movin right along

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  • movin right along

    Howdy fellas,

    Thought i'd give an update on my progress so far with my 63 lark cruiser. I replaced all the interior vinyl and door panels myself. I used 1/8 masonite for all the panels and did the vinyl at my dad's parachute loft. The floor is grinded shiny new, and painted with a rust-o-leum primer. Heat pads and carpet are in and new seats are also in. I pulled the entire dash off (what a chore!) and used high density foam plus a bit of light sheetmetal to redo the dash, then vinyl. Doing it myself versus a dash mat saved me about 120$. I know alot of you fellas are big "resto" guys but i'm more of a "punk rock" hot rod kinda guy. Original is awesome, but I like what I call "rough custom". I am about to tackle the steering and suspension next. New tie rods, shocks, sway bushings are on order. My biggest question mark has to do with the bushings on the upper and lower control arms. They all will be replaced as soon as I can figure out which parts to order! Oh yeah, new tires and door weatherstripping arrived yesterday. So, as soon as the Army gives me a few days off, I can jump on that bushing issue.....unless mr.biggs has a bit of wisdom to through a newbies way. Take care fellas and blue skys.

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    zach it sounds like you did some good work on that dash. i have a 63 lark and i'm actually going to start the work on the interior. if you have any pics of the dash i'd love to see them. by te way i did my front suspension myself. i put in these delrin bushings fom, they where a little pricie but worth it. they're greasable and seem to give the steering alittle more controll. if you dont allready know get your self a spreader tool for those outer controll arms you will need. it alsoo sold at the same site.
    yeah i put in new shocks, bushings, alingment, need new rims though (want to go a little wider on the tire) i'm also working on the rear suspension this weekend, leaf springs re-arched, new bushings, shocks.
    when you get done with your front end it will fell awhole lot better when you drive it. good luck


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      thanks cosmo, sounds like your workin hard too! Anyone know where to get a cheap axle puller? Found a few online but local is always best. Blue skys


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        Well, when you say "bushings", I assume you mean the steel/rubber ones that mount to the INNER A-arm shafts. It's a gritty, nasty job but if the bushings are shot, it has to be done.
        I've done it by removing the whole front suspension and then working with the whole left or right assembly, but it's NOT easy to do like that! And you have to have a second pair of hands when it comes to pressing in the new bushings if you try to do it like that! I don't recommend that approach to the task.[xx(] In fact, I felt like a fool the one time we did it on a friend's Stude. I'd never try it again.
        My favorite way of removing the old bushings is to use a pneumatic chisel and several different tips to cut and fold the old bushing shells to where they come out pretty easily. Then I use some of my larger sockets as arbors in conjuntion with my press to install the new bushings (Don't forget to have the shaft in place![:0]). And you need a set of spacers to fit between the legs of the A-arms as you're pressing in the new bushings so that you don't distort the whole A-arm . I've got a set I made myself by cutting an appropriate-sized piece of steel tubing in half - lengthwise.
        Next set of bushings I replace, I'm gonna use the Delrin type. The rubber ones go south too quick to suit me.[}]

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          what i did to take the old rubber bushings was i got a propane torch and just got that center rubber hot and warmed it enough that the rubber just came right out. then i used my air chisel to do what mr. bigg said and those bushings came right out no problem.