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Rebuilding original motor on '63 Stude Avanti R1

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  • Rebuilding original motor on '63 Stude Avanti R1

    If you use the R3 size valves, don't you have to bore out to at least .030 over?

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    If the person doing the work is not familiar with Studebaker V8 engines, buy him a shop manual and insist that he use it! Be sure the headspace is properly set per the manual. Studebaker uses a shim method. Do not let them line bore the main bearings, it will change the timing gear clearances. If you are going with a supercharger, you need LOW compression, if not, you need HIGH compression for power. You should be able to safely plane 5/32 off the heads. The engine will respond very well to head and valve work. I have the Ford valve conversion, it is easy and gives a good step up, but the hot setup is the chevy valve conversion. It is a little more involved, but will yield both more power, and higher rev limits, because the valves are shorter. Gasket match the intake and exhaust manifolds. Use no less than 2 1/4 exhaust pipes with a dual system. Have fun!


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      Be careful here! Your quote:" It will be professionally rebuilt, so no lack of tech skill there, but the person doing it isn't familiar with Stude Avantis."

      I've seen the results of "professionally rebuilt" Stude engines, and it wasn't pretty. I'd be damned cautious about just turning over responsibility to someone else.[}]

      All you need to think about is enhanced breathing. The lower end will take care of itself until you start to ge SUPER-exotic. The heads - the heads - the heads. That's where the magic lies.

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        There should be no difference between a R1 or an R2 cam same part no.
        The R3 used Part # 1558819 Intake opens 24 closes 72 duration 276,
        exhaust opens 72, closes 24 duration 276. the R4 used part # 1560816
        intake opens 28, closes 80 duration 288, exhaust opens 80, closes 28
        duration 288 deg. valve overlap on the R3 is 48 deg., overlap on the R4 is 56 deg. overall valve length is 5 5/32". valve head diam. are 1 7/8 intake, 1 5/8" exhaust.they used a dual spring with 80# on the seat at 1 21/32" valve height.the R1-R2 cam is intake opens at 17, closes at 63,
        exhaust opens at56, closes at 24. 260 deg. duration for both intake and exhaust.oh and you will find that most stude cams are ground 3 deg. retarded.


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          Rebuilding original motor on '63 Stude Avanti R1

          I'm hoping to mildly massage the engine in the process, maybe do some head work or even hotter (R2?) cams, maybe add a supercharger. Any recommendations? Nothing drastic, but I'm curious what the rest of you have done to get some higher performance out of your Avanti engines. And if anyone has any tips, tricks, of things I should watch out for let me know. It will be professionally rebuilt, so no lack of tech skill there, but the person doing it isn't familiar with Stude Avantis.

          Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks!