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48 landcruiser

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  • 48 landcruiser

    We have just recieved our Windshield, and upon installation we are having difficulties with the stainless trim. My question, Does it go on before or after the glass is installed? Thank you for any direction. Alan [V]

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    Later cars (53 and later) get the stainless installed WITH the glass and rubber. 52 and earlier get the stainless installed AFTER the rubber and glass are in place. Of course, you DO know that the rubber and glass get installed from INSIDE the car, right?
    Once you get the glass in place, use lots of heavily soaped water or get some green soap & glycerin to ease the stainless into it's groove. Patience is paramount here. Make a wedged-edged tool outta hardwood and have a light rubber mallet handy. Use both those tools judiciously![:I]

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      Thanks Mr. Bigg, We have been going in the right direction! I guess more liquid soap and more patientence and more and more!