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radio repair and upgragdes

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  • radio repair and upgragdes

    Hey everyone! Remember RadioRoy? I'm back on the forum and ramping up the radio repair business once again. My email address is: and I'n finally offering AM/FM stereo conversions for any year, in addition to rebuilding/repairing AM tube-type radios from 1957 and older.

    Here's a copy of my newest ad, and... thanks

    Radio Repair
    -Full service repair of tube-type car radios 1957 and older
    -Solid State FM stereo conversions for any car radio, any year
    -Lowest prices, highest quality workmanship
    Since 1985, RadioRoy has been serving the Studebaker community with quality, affordable radio service!

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    Good to hear from you, Roy! I haven't found any more Transtar radios lately.[V] But I do have a number of Stude radios here if you need some to work with. All postwar, of course.

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