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sputter, flutter, cough

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  • sputter, flutter, cough

    [:I]The facts: 259 2bbl, automatic in a '63 Champ. Starts fast everytime. Drive until operating temp and strange things are happening. Stop at a traffic light, press on the accelerator and take off just fine. Then, before it can shift to 3rd, the revs flatten out, like it's starving for gas. It coughs, and then resumes revving. Ignition? Fuel? What say ye?[:I]

    steve blake

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    Sounds like crap in the fuel system somewhere Steve. Maybe floating around the filter, the carb inlet, or the pickup tube in the tank.
    Might also be air infiltrating thru cracked rubber or rusted out steel lines.


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      I agree with Charlie, Steve. During the acceleration mode, you're outstripping supply with demand. With a couple of seconds to catch up, it manages to get enough gas into the carb. There's gotta be a problem with getting enough fuel into the carb to keep up with demand.[V]

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