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Hood Strut for my 64GT

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  • Hood Strut for my 64GT

    Has anyone tried to install hood struts for the GT's? Those hoods are so heavy and it scares me to work under the hood for fear that I might bump into the hood rod.

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    While I've not heard of such - let me take a moment to mention something all Stude owners ought to know. (buchak, maybe you know this already - but for relative newbies...[:I]) When opening the hood on your Stude - ALWAYS pull it toward you as you lift. The hinge arrangement on Stude cars and trucks (save for 61 thru 66 Larks) is such that if it's the least bit sticky, or some of the springs that are supposed to be there - aren't - you can bend the rear corners quite easily.
    I never let ANYONE open my Studee's hoods for me![}] They invariably fling it up as tho it were a '99 Taurus or such. Oops![xx(]
    I can't answer your question, buchak, because I've never tried your idea or seen anyone else's Stude so modified. But I DO appreciate your concern. I had a LArk hood whack me on the head once (SEE - you just KNEW there was something wrong with me, right?[V])when a gust of wind lifted it off the prop rod. Thank goodness my head's so hard![:0]
    I do understand your concern tho. That rod looks puny for the job it has to do. Find you a nice piece of oak dowel and cut it to length for a position that affords no chance for slippage with respect to either end. Use it whenever you put the hood up as a backup to the prop rod. You'd need some hefty hood struts to hold up that Hawk hood. And the damn things get tired after awhile. Let us know tho, if you use them. Tell us if it works and how well. I'm sure there's others that feel as you do about this issue.

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      Hey Bob this is Ken

      I attempted to do this on Bill Mills GT once when I was back in San Diego. I was someshat hurried at the time and it worked, but appeared to be of marginal integrity. The struts we selected were barely strong enough to hold the hood up let alone lift it. I don't know if Bill was ultimately satisfied or not but you may ask nim about the results. It's been a year ago that we did that.



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        In the back of my mind I have this image of my wife coming out to the garage and seeing only my legs sticking out from under the front grill of the partially closed hood. Likely as not, after she turned out the lights and went back inside, she'd tell the officials that, "the darned thing ate him."
        In an effort to try to avoid that bit of unpleasantness and also to gain more working room I sometimes use a stick about 3 inches wide and put the top end in the area right behind the grill and perch the bottom on the metal flange right behind the radiator cap. The hood can go much higher than the spindly rod will hold it. I've been doing this for years and I haven't had any problems with this arrangement.
        Tim K.
        Tim K.
        \'64 R2 GT Hawk