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Steering box oil

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  • Steering box oil

    The steering box on my GT Hawk has been leaking thick, black gear oil for several weeks. I'm wondering what type of oil to put in it...I picked up some Texaco Havoline 85W-140 at Big Lots, which says "gear oil". Is that thick enough? The box has left several small puddles, but still has oil in it when I check with an improvised dipstick (a chopstick). I know it'll need new seals, etc. someday soon but for now, I'll just keep checking it.


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    What alot of folks are doing now is draining that oil completely and refilling the steering box with C-V joint grease. This is the stuff used to lubricate the C-V (constant velocity) joints on front-wheel drive cars of today. It's probably superior to the old "Kendall 400" which Studes used for years. And the nice thing is - it won't leak out! Available in ANY auto parts store. Comes in a squeezable tube for easy installation.

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      Thanks, that's agreat idea. How do I drain the rest of the old oil in the steering box (without removing it)? It still seems to have quite a bit in there.



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        You may also try straight Lucas oil avaiable in most car parts store..stops the leaks and is not a viscoous as grease.


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          Well Hank,
          Probably the easiest way would be to loosen the side cover on the steering gearbox. It's gonna be messy, but it'll ensure the complete draining of the box.
          I'd get some heavy-duty aluminum foil and fashion a flume from under the edge of the box to a pan on the floor. Loosen the bolts on the cover and carefully pull it off. As it comes loose, the oil (hopefully) will travel down the little "flume" you made out of foil - and into to drain pan. If not, be ready for a mess!
          If you're lucky, you might be able to do this without screwing up the gasket that seals the cover to the box. If not, you'll have to have a new gasket ready to replace the messed up one or at least a piece of gasket paper to fashion a new gasket from.
          Once you get the cover back on, you'll likely have to readjust the sector shaft adjustment screw that's located in the middle of the cover. Proceedures for that are in the steering section of the shop manual.
          As an alternative, I've got a bucket of "oil" I bought for just such purpose some years ago. This stuff make molasses look runny. I'll see if I can find that bucket and identify what sort of lubricant it is. I've forgotten since it's been so long since I used it last.
          Any Studes I do in the future will get the CV grease because it won't leak as time goes on.

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          No deceptive flags to prove I'm patriotic - no biblical BS to impress - just ME and Studebakers - as it should be.